Major Crash Analysis

We handle a high volume of major collision cases, many of which involve fatalities and/or serious bodily injury.   Our staff is prepared to respond promptly to crash scenes so as to document and preserve physical evidence through photography, video, and forensic mapping with total station equipment.   We will evaluate vehicle speeds, time-distance relationships, visibility and conspicuity assessments, occupant kinematics, and vehicle defects as part of a crash reconstruction.


Insurance Fraud

We evaluate insurance claims for evidence of  fraud, including staged collisions, vehicle damage examinations, and low speed collision analyses.  Each claim is thoroughly and fairly examined.  Crash Experts has been involved in conducting  and observing extensive crash testing, and this experience provides a valuable resource in our analyses.


Event Data Recorder retrieval

Our services include retrieval of data stored in onboard Event Data Recorder (EDR) equipment found on vehicles.  The data can provide valuable information concerning the operation of a vehicle just before and during a collision.   The list of vehicles with data compatible with the Bosch CDR system changes and expands frequently.   A vehicle coverage list can be downloaded HERE.


Expert Testimony

While data collection, technical calculations, and written reports are important components of accident reconstruction, our work culminates in providing expert testimony at trial and other proceedings.  Reconstructionist Charles Schack has testified as an expert over 100 times in 6 states and has personally prosecuted some 500 trials in criminal court.  This courtroom experience has proven to be a valuable asset for our clients.


Large format diagrams and crash animation

We  are able to produce large format scale diagrams based on our forensic mapping of the collision scene and analysis of the collision.  We also perform animations of crash reconstructions to better visualize the sequence of events leading to a crash.


Classroom instruction

With a background in teaching traffic accident reconstruction courses and seminars for over 20 years, Crash Experts is able to provide instruction in traffic accident reconstruction.   Classes can run from 1 hour to 80 hours, covering everything from basic accident investigation to traffic accident reconstruction.